Fresh Vegetables and Fruits
International Food Mart has the best selection of different nationalities food and spices. Our ethnic food include: Persian, Arabic, Indian, African and European products. It is filled with a dazzling display of nuts, grains and dairy products. You can also find middle eastern pastries, Amish chicken, Halal meat and fresh breads in this store.

Fresh Produce
Fresh Amish chicken
Fresh Butcher Shop
Stock Fish
Huge selection of different African Products
Huge Rice Selection
Middle Eastern teas
Middle East Dairy Products
Soft Drinks from all over the world
Persian Deli Meats
Many different kinds of Seeds and Nuts
Different Breads
Freshly Baked Middle Eastern Naan
Ethiopian Injera
Middle Eastern Spices for Kabobs
Falafel Mixes
Middle Eastern Baklavas
Persian Snack
and more …